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Communication Skills

Improvisation Theatre,
Standup Comedy,

Critical Thinking

Socratic circle,
Creative Writing.

Team Work

Collaborative Curation,
Co-creation Jams,
Learners' Showcase.


Active Participation,
Daily Logging,
Task Accountability.


Project Execution,
Division of Labour,
Learner to Facilitator.

How was our 2020 ? ;)

Become the Human, Automation (~A.I.) can't replace

Meet Interesting People

Tired of the same boring conversations? Always wanted to go beyond small talk and have humane conversations?Come meet wacky people who explore and celebrate their uniqueness in our sessions.

Goofly- Smart

Learn as a Community

Thought learning is from Teacher to Student only? Now try peers driven sessions in Networked Safe Enough Spaces punctuated with Socratic circles. These are iced with masterclasses and podcasts with experts.

Shared Vision
Networked Learning
Collective Responsibility

Collaborate as Team

Annoyed with creative blocks ? Burnt out with collaboration glitches? Ease into self organised teams. Gamify the learning. Flex your Interpersonal skill-muscle and leverage exciting tools in collaboration projects.

Playfully Tinker
Elegantly Co-Design
Enthusiastically Co-Produce

Evolve with Accountability

We know the easiest person to fool is our "self". Deliberate decisions backed with evidence is the panache. Hence, numbers have been our amigos for centuries. No surprise here.

Find your Baseline
Measure your Growth
Tweak with Confidence

Learning is LifeLong & Wide!

Community Voice

SBB community was and still is for me a great way to explore and have actual insights on all the creative disciplines you can think of, and that's why I joined in in the first place. I love being able to switch from writing poems one day to learning the basics of beatboxing the other day. I really do look forward to the next session and I must say it has become one of the highlights of my days during this lockdown. It's fun, you do learn how to improve your soft skills without realizing it and most importantly you have the opportunity to meet a bunch of different people but always interesting and welcoming one. So I enjoy it and I'm sure you'll do as well

Josephine - Graduated from a French business school, Joséphine is a business womanager by formation and a theatre enthusiast by inclination

So far it was an amazing learning experience. This has definitely not only helped me go through this lockdown, but I have learned or at least got to know about so many skills including standup comedy, storytelling, beatboxing, Radio-jockeying, Sound Design and much more. This group has helped me connect with interesting personalities from different backgrounds. The connection was further strengthened through peer learning sessions, where every participant can teach what he/she is proficient in. The best thing about this group is the flexibility of its courses, they don’t just stick to one discipline but explore through multiple disciplines, and you get a general overview of all the creative fields.


Pranshu here :) Stop Being Boring has no doubt exposed me to new avenues with respect to soft skills.

From improv to sound mixing there has been a wide range of sessions. Also as part of the peer learning program, I have been fortunate to take a few sessions myself. Those were on topics that I felt were underappreciated skills for eg productivity and habits.

Overall it's been a great experience joining these zoom sessions everyday and I am looking forward to meeting them all in person!

Pranshu Agarwal - He graduated as a glorified engineer from BITS PILANI last year and has been busy making sure his college days don't stay the best years of his life.

these were every eventful days! though i could attend few sessions, i got a lot of learnings out of the podcast sessions, audio sessions. others sessions were fun, and we had a ball of time at the blue room. I'm kinda bummed 50th day fell on Friday 😂 thanks Sam and anvesh for putting this gig up and having heard what's in store, i wish you all the best! 6 pm really gave a kind of structure during lockdown when all other structures had collapsed and also made me look forward to the next sessions each day with excitement!thanks to all facilitators especially krishna, ujjwal, shweta, Malcolm,hamsini and others, as well as all the peers and the awesome gang here! 💜and also, thanks Sam for being like a big bro, especially for the relationship advice 😂 💙💯wow that sounds like an obituary i will peace out.


Life isn't boring, you are!

Who we are

We are a group of artists with a shared goal

Moses Sam Paul

Head of Growth

Giridhar Gopal

Growth Partner


Chief Curator

Nasir Engineer

Improv Comedy Facilitator

Kavya Srinivasan

Storytelling Facilitator


Standup Comedy Facilitator

Ujjwal Raj Sen

Sound Design Facilitator

Hamsini Hariharan

Podcasting Facilitator

Neil Newton

BeatBoxing Facilitator


See what our learners feel about StopBeingBoring Community

Learning can be fun! Loved all the sessions, there was something to learn and have fun with exercises whether in improv, comedy, poetry, creative writing, storytelling, sign language, they all had something to offer in a different way and without pressure to perform or be really good...the space created felt safe to take risk and explore many latent aspects within. I'd say it felt like an adventure filled journey into self discovery, finding the hidden artist within each one of us, fun with therapeutic effects! Sam and Anvesh have been wonderful hosts, organisers, brainstormers, guards, ship captains...wearing all these hats with complete ease and complimenting the group in its endeavours... collaboration has been excellent, consistent, good time keeping, flexible, good variety of styles in presentation and great spectrum of subjects within the creative arts...I loved being a part of this commune and felt bonded with the group members... have connected individually with quite a few approx 7-8 others....enjoyed participating n facilitating equally...:) Special thnx to Shweta, Nasser, Kavya, Malcolm, Anvesh, Udbhav n my top fav session with Aneesh! Wish I guys good luck n hope to continue the commune together…

Jharna - Jharna has studied and worked in US, UK, Spain, Argentina as creative therapist, cross cultural coach, using body, art and movement to train adults

Thank you SBB for such a great experience! So I had found out about improv very recently to be honest. And that's when I realized how much I loved doing it. Graduating from college, I really wanted to make sure that I stick with it some way or the other. And SBB had been one. Not only that, I'd gotten to learn so much more apart from improv, things that I never thought would catch my interest, I find myself working on them little by little everyday. Thank you Sam and Anvesh for such a great experience!

It'll be an absolute pleasure to be a part of this even after the lockdown! Hoping that it continues (🙈).

Ancella - Soon to be graduated from Christ University, Bangalore, Ancella is a huge theatre enthusiast

I am having a lot of fun attending and participating in these sessions. It's awesome that I am learning from instructors and peers. Which includes Improv, Standup comedy, Storytelling, Poetry, Video editing, Essential soft skills, Creative writing, various things involving the brain and a lot more!

Bhavana - Bhavana is 16 years old. She has been in an alternative school for most of her schooling years and life

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