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Gamify your Workforce's Soft-skills Learning through Art forms such as Improv, Theatre, Standup Comedy, Meme Creation etc

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Improve Team Bonding

An immersive program designed to create a safe welcoming space for authentic conversations and rapport between new employees and existing employees or amongst employees.

Ideal for: Executives, Senior Executives, TLs, and cross-cultural teams.

Art forms: Active Listening, Authentic Relating Games & Personal Storytelling

10 Sessions of 90 mins each, Once a week

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Improve Sales & Marketing Team's Communication Quotient

Attunement-Buoyancy-Clarity, a program to improve the communication quotient of your organization's ambassadors viz sales, marketing, and strategy professionals.

Ideal for: Sales, Marketing & Strategy Team Members

Artforms: Improv, Storytelling & Creative Writing

9 - 12 sessions of 90 mins each, Once a week

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Onboard Employees in new way!

Listen-Relate-Bond - An immersive program to create a welcoming space to onboard new teams and create bonds through authentic relating, active listening, and storytelling.

Ideal for: Interns, New hires up to Junior to Mid-level Executives( < 3years experience)

Art forms: Authentic Relating Games, Improv, Storytelling

4 Sessions of 90 mins each, Once a week

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Shake it off - TGIF Event Alternatives

Tailored series of programs for your employees to shake off the after-work rut. These are designed to keep your organization's key competencies in focus and your employees' key needs.

Ideal for: Employees with less than 3 years of experience at your organization.

Art forms: Music, Meme Creation, Quiz, Improv, Storytelling, Standup Comedy (any of the above 3)

3 Sessions of 90 mins each, Once a week

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Gamify Creativity - StopBeingBoring Challenge

Did you know games help recuperate from work-related stress?
Through Regular Right Brainy Prompts that nudge to create, evaluations from our band of artists, and a leaderboard, we designed a program that integrates creativity, play, and competitiveness for your workforce without zoom fatigue.

Ideal for: Entire Org

Creative Prompts: Short Fiction, Memes, GIFs, Digital Comedy, Poetry, Short Videos

10 challenges, Once every 10 days, Leaderboard - community and facilitator validated

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Storytelling for Leaders - Clan of Griots

A Griot is the Storyteller of the Tribe. Often sought for guidance through complexity, they weave stories and narratives as Pillars for the Seekers. This series is designed to impart necessary tools for middle and upper leaderships' arsenal to create compelling narratives for the team to follow

Ideal for: Senior Leadership

Batch Size: 7

4 sessions . 90 mins each . Once every Week

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We devise custom sessions and programs tapping into different art forms to reach your organization and team goals with ZEST.

Minimum of 4 sessions of 90 mins each.




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Facilitator - Listening

A Playbacker for almost a decade, performing and facilitating workshops for people of all ages and companies, nurturing empathy with tools of theatre. She is also the Co-founder of CityLamps, a playback theatre company based out of Bangalore.


Facilitator - Improv

Co-founder and former Artistic Director of Improv Comedy Bangalore (ICB), an improv theatre company. He has performed in over 100 shows across India and done Improv workshops for Improv-enthusiasts.He facilitated workshops for corporate clients namely Google, Uber, Philips, Decathlon, BCG, Paper Boat, Sony.


Facilitator - Storytelling

An experienced storyteller, playwright and theatre performer. She is an ardent believer of personal stories and their power to change. She has Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Development Studies from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.Her Plays have been performed in prestigious theatre spaces like Rangashankara, Bangalore and Prithivi Theatre,Mumbai.

Rohit Nair

Facilitator - Sketch Writing

Performing on stage since 2013, for storytelling and for improvisation. As a writer, Rohit has graduated from AIB's First Draft intensive writing program. He has been writing for several production houses namely Balaji, Dharma and Netflix.


Facilitator- Authenticity

Grew up in the U.S. and worked as a software engineer before finding his true calling and coming to India, where his family is from. He has been facilitating since 2011 and is a believer in the transformative power of 'slowing down'. He has facilitated the India Youth Jam, Authentic Relating Games, Pause, and many other retreats and workshops. He is passionate about being real and living life to the fullest.


Facilitator - Poetry

Malcolm Carvalho writes poetry and fiction. His work has been featured in Kitaab, Bengaluru Review, 365 Tomorrows, Narrow Road, Spark, Reading Hour, Literary Yard, Muse India and in Urban Shots, an anthology of stories with urban settings. He has attended the Bangalore Writers Workshop and is a regular at weekly poetry meet-ups at Lahe Lahe in Bengaluru.

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We did "Listen-Relate-Bond" program for their new joinees (hired remotely) and not so new employees.

We brought stories and improv games to the attendees of Dell GRC Annual event.

We did "Attunement-Buoyancy-Clarity" program to improve communication quotient of sales professionals.

We welcomed the Akamai's star interns into the organization through fun mix of games and conversation starters.

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