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Imagine that you're a flight pilot who wants to cancel your flight. Give us the most absurd reason for cancellation.

Meme Creation

Make a meme that represents you (or your entire LIFE)


Write a Poem on "Friendship" in Dr. Seuss's style.

Digital Comedy

Imagine you're 'Elon Musk', who visits Mars and finds Martians there. What would you do?
Share the FUNNY.

Elon on Mars

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I liked all the challenges, especially Meme-making one, as this was the first time I made memes. The challenge gave me a sense of purpose: like I was creating something new everyday and learning new things and honing skills. I also got see everyone else's works and learn from them. I look forward for more challenges!
Well, I enjoyed the month. With the lockdown going on I was bored out of my mind but I had something fun to do other than my repetitive classes 😅 so over all I had funmade more friendschallenged my limitsmade a habit of submissionsI'm generally very competitive I feel this didn't bother as much with regards to winning. Mainly because I was enjoying it.learnt new skills
The challenge made me discover that I was able to make a poetry. It was a thing I never did till date but as I was the part of the group I thought of completing the tasks. Because of the week challenge I did something creative and got to learn to write my thoughts into paper. I have gained interest into poetry now and also bought a nbk for that.
Though it is not a pro level poetry but I'm happy that I explored a creative side of me who can rhyme words😆and make a poetry out of it
I thank the team for creating the poetry challenge🙏🏻 this challenge was needed. I would not have written one if I was not the part of the group.
So much creation happened. Liked the idea to push people in the name of a challenge. It was also fun too.
Gopi Krishna
On the whole twas engaging, interesting, fun. It sorta pushed me to create something new everyday in the mediums that I had never tried/explored before. The roasting sessions were the fun boosters. Everyday tasks were simply innovative. I never knew that I could create all those pieces I'm just amazed!.
Thank you so much team, for providing the opportunity and the platform to explore our creative side!

Why #StopBeingBoringChallenge?

To CHALLENGE your LIMITING BELIEFS like "I cannot create anything ", "I am bad at expressing my thoughts ,feelings and emotions", "I suck at being consistent and regular". To CREATE and PLAY consciously. To improve the skill of SELF EXPRESSION through consistency.

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