Know Us Better :)

How did StopBeingBoring start?

In 2019, Moses Sam Paul (MSP) was thinking about starting a podcast and workshop series with Artists. Hence, he was exploring the art form of improv. He met Anvesh who was an improviser with ICB (Improv Comedy Bangalore) and they hit off over books and other poisons. When Sam asked Anvesh," what do you want to do"? He said," I wanna make people "feel Alive!". "Too Abstract but that's how everybody starts", Sam added. He shared about his idea of gamifying soft skills learning. And here we are :)

How's it different from any other Community?

A community is a group of individuals coming together based on some commonalities such as Language or Imaginary boundaries drawn by "men" or caste or skills. We are a skill based community. We define skill based community as a microcosm of an economy which means there's a skilled labour supply and a demand for the supply being created and the movement between the supply and demand happens as frictionless as possible. This is a space to improve your essential skills like communication, collaboration and work ethic. This is a "SAFE ENOUGH" space to MEET, LEARN and CO-CREATE art and in that process take an active step towards your mental wellbeing.

What are these Skills you talk about? (Supply)

Soft Skills is a function of self awareness, expression and reflection so those are the skills we as a community are inculcating and growing at StopBeingBoring.

So who generates the demand for this skilled labour supply?

OH332 a.k.a Open House 332 - our production house which vows to shake up the brain numbing content churned centrally by few gate keepers in the world. Functioning non traditionally, we want to create opportunities for skilled content creators.

Personal reasons for building this?

To improve our soft skills. Listen better, read, write and collaborate better with people of varied skills and experiences. We wanted to create a life-long learning space for ourselves and this is that.

How do you plan to keep Learning?

Learning Circles - As we've mentioned in the Learn page, Heutagogy, otherwise known as self-determined learning, is a learner-centered approach. Anyone can create a learning circle within SBB discord server as long as they show a learning path and the curated resources for the same. We meet everyday 1 hour to learn something new and build upon it.

Can't I do it on my own own?

Of course you can & If you really can do it on your own, this space is not for you. This is for the "Average Joe" who fails to read / learn coherently and gets bogged down with avalanche of videos and struggle with accountability and lack of proper feedback loops. We have put in ton of efforts to make this a safe-enough space where learning can thrive with collective accountability.

Why should I join StopBeingBoring?

If you're serious about your Career and struggling with self awareness and social skills. This is the best place to be. Learn from Artists, or Start your own learning circle ,curate high quality research backed content, and eventually become a facilitator and / or participate in paid Gigs. All this, at 1$ a month! There's hardly anything to sell here.

What's this SAFE-ENOUGH space, you keep harping about ?

Communities need “safe enough” spaces is not saying that learners need protection from argument or the discovery that they should change their minds. It is saying that learners should be able to participate in argument and inquiry without the threat of harassment or intimidation. That basic sense is feeling “safe enough” to explore differences without fear and work toward positive outcomes with courage.

So how does SBB create & promote a "Safe-Enough" space ?

Every community member understand the meaning of safe-enough spaces and agrees to abide by these Community Guidelines:
-Respect every community member and their Experiences | Inclusiveness - Learn through Peer learning and risk-taking within Learning Circles
-Reflect and Analyze Complex Thinking
-Show support for fellow Community Members while Encouraging deeper levels of analysis
-Stand by fellow community members during times of Transition and Growth

What if I don't feel "Safe- enough" ?

If you don't feel safe within this community send a message to #report /ping one of the Admins in our discord channel or Drop a mail to

Where are we based out of?

The origins were in Bangalore but our team members are located in multiple states. As for the community and its activities, we are hosted in the cloud. You are very welcome to visit :). Feel free to Contact Us!

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