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Aligning with what the other person says is one of main pillars in relationship building. For that to happen, a keen sense of listening is crucial. This is where Active Listening comes in where we are nudged to observe and register what the other person is saying than jumping to responses.


Relationship building starts at the end of our comfort zone and it continuously involves connecting to people and building relationships rather than a superficial connection to get something done. A collection of extensively tested, masterfully led experiences called Authentic Relating Games are perfect to improve our relational skills and make meaningful human connections even in a digital space.


Stories are our fuel. They are mirrors of our beliefs and biases. Personal Storytelling will shake us before the mirror, nudge us to see our reflection, and let us weave a better narrative for our past and the present. Awaken the storyteller within during our Personal Storytelling sessions.

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It was such a pleasure to bond with my teammates over games. I learned so much about my team with such simple games. I believe such sessions should be frequent in these times. Thank you for doing this.
~Supriya, DWA

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Facilitator - Listening

A Playbacker for almost a decade, performing and facilitating workshops for people of all ages and companies, nurturing empathy with tools of theatre. She is also the Co-founder of CityLamps, a playback theatre company based out of Bangalore.


Facilitator - Storytelling

Vikram  Sridhar is a Performance Storyteller and Theatre Practitioner combining his various interests and work over 20+ years in Theatre, Conservation, and Social work. With an Engineering and Management degree from institutes like the IIT, Vikram spent has worked with MNCs like IBM and SAP before turning into a full-time artist. He strongly believes A STORY A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY .... NOT AN APPLE


Facilitator- Authenticity

Grew up in the U.S. and worked as a software engineer before finding his true calling and coming to India, where his family is from. He has been facilitating since 2011 and is a believer in the transformative power of 'slowing down'. He has facilitated the India Youth Jam, Authentic Relating Games, Pause, and many other retreats and workshops. He is passionate about being real and living life to the fullest.


Facilitator - Storytelling

Since her post-graduation in theatre from The National School of Drama, New Delhi in 2006 Madhu has extensively explored how theatre can deepen the process of personal transformation and enhance leadership development in organizations. She combines methods inspired by applied theatre-like psychodrama, theatre of the oppressed, playback theatre, and theatre improvisation to build innovative, collaborative, and leadership thinking in communities and organizations.

MSP (Moses Sam Paul)


MSP ~ Meme Stash Peddler
Founding Partner of the StopBeingBoring Community.


Event Operations

Founding Partner - StopBeingBoring Community
An ever inquisitive and curious soul who is also a budding improviser and fiction storyteller.

Session Plan

Session 1

Authentic Relating Games is extensively tested experiences ,uniquely designed to challenge you to listen and reflect in real time, to share your emotional state, to notice and reach into your desire, and to become self-aware within connection.

Session 2

Everything starts from listening. It is base skill for every thing you want to learn. The session is about understanding this base skill in its unadulterated form. What is personal listening quotient? How are the habits to improve this base skill.

Session 3

This is continued session of Authentic Relating Games to delve deeper into our self awareness.

Session 4

This is continued session of Active Listening to delve deeper into important skill of listening.

Session 5

We will explore the relationship of Storytelling and Sapiens. This would be done through popular tools of professional storytellers and performing artists.

Session 6

We know that no story is singled sided. With the base skills of listening and Authentic relating, we will explore the various perspectives of a story. Thus, making our journey of storytelling holistic.

Session 7

Stories drive our world but What are stories? What makes a story?What is its structure and elements? In this session, the participants are encouraged to introspect and find few personal stories. What are the tools to find?

Session 8

Learners would share their weaved stories to the world.



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