Think beyond Rangolis and Alcohol Parties, use Performance Art forms and really engage your employees.

Music. Authentic Relating Games. Improv. Standup Comedy. Quiz. Storytelling.

Don't ya worry, we got you!

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Choose from the below interactive art forms to have a Trippy Friday Evening!

Music - Interactive Jam

Music : Interactive Jam Session, not just to unwind but also
appreciate your favorite artist(s) better. Special sessions include
Body Percussion 101 and Make Music from Household items.

Facilitator: Danish

Authentic Relating Games

**Authentic Relating Games **: Collection of extensively tested, masterfully led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.

Facilitator: Roy

Standup Comedy

A Strict No filter Stand Up Routine from the Professionals which includes crowd works. If you're offended easily we suggest you take a day off or take a couple of shots of liquid courage before you come for these sessions.

Facilitator: Krishna

Meme Creation

Meme: Meme is digital artifact of culture that self-replicated, mutates and spread like a virus (oh, ho ..too soon ?) we'll make your employees create memes through popular memes and our own templates. Leave your dignity and come.

Facilitator: MSP (Meme Stash Peddler)


Interactive Quiz to test Pop Culture Quotient and showoff
the trivia and fun facts of your favorite series.

Facilitator: Danish

Konnakol _ Jam

Results Bulletin

Energy Levels

before the session VS after the session

Vibe Cloud

one word to describe the sessions


I thought this was typical icebreaker, turned out to be crazy meme making session. So much funnn
~Gautam, Akamai

You're in Great Hands!


Facilitator - Music

Presenting an artist who understands your love for Metal, Psytrance, Classical or Bollywood, for he believes in the universality of musical expression.


Facilitator- Authenticity

Grew up in the U.S. and worked as a software engineer before finding his true calling and coming to India, where his family is from. He has been facilitating since 2011 and is a believer in the transformative power of 'slowing down'. He has facilitated the India Youth Jam, Authentic Relating Games, Pause, and many other retreats and workshops. He is passionate about being real and living life to the fullest.


Facilitator - Quiz

Danish in his Quiz master form. He has the knack to understand the audience and structure his questions to make it a fun session.


Facilitator - Standup Comedy

Comedian. My endless optimism kills people but there is hope. Apparently I'm Controversial, so I'm told .

MSP (Moses Sam Paul)

Facilitator - Meme Creation

MSP ~ Meme Stash Peddler
Founding Partner of the StopBeingBoring Community.


Event Operations

Founding Partner - StopBeingBoring Community
An ever inquisitive and curious soul who is also a budding improviser and fiction storyteller.

Music_Jam by Danish

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