Storytelling - the most sought after skill of this century's leaders

Are your team leaders and CXOs equipped?

A Griot is the Storyteller of the Tribe. Often seeked for guidance through complexity, they weave stories and narratives as Pillars for the Seekers. This series is designed to impart necessary tools for middle and upper leaderships' arsenal to create compelling narratives for the team to follow.

See what's in store for you

Inside a Storyteller's head

Get a peek into the storyteller's mindset that opens authentic sharing.
Learn the shape of story that engages listeners.
Experience the power of personal narratives to create influence and impact at your workplace.

Beneath the surface

Explore traditional tales as valuable metaphors to navigate challenges and create opportunities.
Learn to use contextually in your team.
Reframe Relevant Case Studies as popular myths.

Echo: The Stories we tell ourselves.

Put your common Beliefs, perspectives and Go to mental models to solve problems under the lens consciously.
Learn to reframe stories that no longer serves you.
Gather insights for behavioral change and leverage your values.

You're in Great Hands!


Facilitator - Storytelling

Vikram  Sridhar is a Performance Storyteller and Theatre Practitioner combining his various interests and work over 20+ years in Theatre, Conservation, and Social work. With an Engineering and Management degree from institutes like the IIT, Vikram spent has worked with MNCs like IBM and SAP before turning into a full-time artist. He strongly believes A STORY A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY .... NOT AN APPLE


Facilitator - Storytelling

Since her post-graduation in theatre from The National School of Drama, New Delhi in 2006 Madhu has extensively explored how theatre can deepen the process of personal transformation and enhance leadership development in organizations. She combines methods inspired by applied theatre-like psychodrama, theatre of the oppressed, playback theatre, and theatre improvisation to build innovative, collaborative, and leadership thinking in communities and organizations.

MSP (Moses Sam Paul)


MSP ~ Meme Stash Peddler
Founding Partner of the StopBeingBoring Community.


Event Operations

Founding Partner - StopBeingBoring Community
An ever inquisitive and curious soul who is also a budding improviser and fiction storyteller.


Madhu's Storytelling - A sneak Peek

Happy Clients! :)

We did "Listen-Relate-Bond" program for their new joinees (hired remotely) and not so new employees.

We brought stories and improv games to the attendees of Dell GRC Annual event.

We did "Attunement-Buoyancy-Clarity" program to improve communication quotient of sales professionals.

We welcomed the Akamai's star interns into the organization through fun mix of games and conversation starters.

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